Thank you to everyone who participated in our competition!
It was truly a pleasure to read all of your beautifully written work.
We had a really tough time selecting a winner. Hamilton has some amazing talent!

The winner of the HYP Summer Writing Prompt Contest and $100 is… *drum roll*


By Aidan Sharp-Moses

Sitting in a beaten down old basement

Beneath the shine of the sun or the worries of life

The sound of water dripping through the cracks

A little rainstorm in its own right

Foundation creaking slowly under its own weight

Peeling paint permeating through the room

Smelling of the hours spent here

The good times and the regrets

The memories and the mistakes

You can hear the echoes of laughter and crying

More little rain clouds from people’s eyes

The scent and sound of it seeming like a storm

Air tasting like an old loonie when you inhale

A permanent metallic tinge to it, like breathing in a piggy bank

The dust in the air stopping your lungs in their tracks

None of these senses combining for a good mix

But tasting, smelling, and sounding

Like home nonetheless

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