“Slam is a Just a Sham”: Coaches Slam at LTABC 2017

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By Emily Upper

"Slam is just a sham," admitted Coaches Slam host (and HYP Artistic Director) Nea Reid at the end of the night. Because you really can't call it a competition when everyone's a winner and the poets are bursting with love for each other. Coaches Slam was all about the coaches (obviously) -- the teachers and mentors who've been helping this year's youth teams find their voices. The audience was treated to an evening of beautiful poetry from HYP's finest, plus some special guests: Johnny MacRae, Autumn Getty, Tom Shea, Eddie Lartey, Victoria Wojciechowska, Sarah Cobden, Hira Nadeem and Tamara Buckland. There was something for everyone among the night's diverse poems; musings on mortality, love, politics, and more. Judges were scoring straight 10s for most of the night -- even some 10.1s.

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