Our programs cultivate artistic voice, develop critical thinkers, and empower youth to be civically engaged. Workshops are taught by Hamilton Youth Poets Core Teaching Artists and are appropriate for youth grades six through university with varying skill levels - beginner to advance. Hamilton Youth Poets provides a positive space where no racist, sexist, homophobic or anti-group language is allowed. Above all things HYP is a place where participants can come together, share their art and create bridges. For more information, please contact us at hamiltonyouthpoets@gmail.com

Monthly Slams:

Every fourth Sunday of the month, HYP hosts a poetry slam at the Spice Factory (121 Hughson Street). This night brings together poets of all styles to share their work through an open mic or slam poetry competition. For more details on our next slam, please visit http://www.facebook.com/hamiltonyouthpoets

Check The Method:

Offers rigorous instruction in poetry and hip-hop spoken word to some of the cities most prolific and dedicated young writers. Participatory learning provides new ways to put the pen to page, creating new works that can be added to a portfolio of writing. Participants dedicated to this program are offered opportunities to submit their work for publication. Led by members of the HYP’s core teaching artists and international guest artists, writers can expect to meet a diverse group of citizens of all ages and immersed in a discussions and practices that will prepare them to tell their story on the page.

Hamilton Beat:

Is an intensive program that builds upon the study of journalism in its traditional forms by incorporating the formats and platform that resonate with teen and young adults, including the intersection of hip hop, poetry, investigative reporting. Students learn transferable skill in areas such as story finding, interviewing, and editing; become proficient with using technical tools of a journalist, including recording equipment and 21st century fluencies for research and publication; produce completed works in prose and verse for both print and electronic media; engage in critical analysis of current events and the way media covers them; engage in cultural learning around the themes of social justice. The Hamilton Beat program is designed to educate and empower the next generation of journalists. Hamilton Beat gives students the means to cover stories that others are not telling, allowing them to participate in the democratization of news media and leverage new outlets to the fullest. The Hamilton Beat program puts the tools of inquiry and truth-seeking in the hands of young people, but only after developing the skills and perspective to become responsible consumers and producers of news media.

Emcee WreckShop:

Emcee WreckShop: is dedicated to the history of hip hop and the craft of writing, emceeing, and beat-making. Led by hip hop artists Lex Leosis and some of the most talented sound technicians and hip hop artist in Canada. WreckShop brings together emcees and artists of all genres offers participants the opportunity to build and feature their work at Emcee Olympics, HYP Mixtape, and other high profile events throughout the calendar year.

Poets For Peace:

Built upon respect, honor, support, and justice for all, Poets For Peace integrates poetry with a study of the great non-violence leaders such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Dali Lama and Nelson Mandela. Imbued with optimism for our future and respect for our past, works are premiere at our annual festival.

Write To The City:

is a workshop series exploring hip-hop poetics, the tradition(s) of Hamilton realist working class portraiture, contemporary visual art, and an accumulative performance practice. Led by members of the Hamilton Youth Poets Core Team, writers can expect to meet a diverse group of citizens immersed in a discussions and practices that will prepare them to tell their story in a myriad of formats. Write To The City starts every summer in July and runs till September.


We offer schools our teaching artists and provide a variety of year-round public platforms for students to perform their work. Our teaching artists can help with flexible in-class programs, create, perform and facilitate a positive space for individual and collective expression, develop school poetry teams and help prepare students for the annual festival or develop something totally new. Our programs work to fulfill classroom needs in the literary and performance arts, as well as civics and social science. Artist residencies are tailor made to work as either an after-school program or fit-to-curriculum workshops. By actively engaging young cultural citizens from all highways and byways of our city, we believe this will result in a more integrated and understanding society and will provide students with the information they need to make long term career goals. If any of your teaching staff are interested, please contact us at hamiltonyouthpoets@gmail.com


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