In partnership with the Art Gallery of Hamilton, HYP is proud to present Mum’s Day! Whether protecting or pampering, loving or coddling, mothers tend to occupy a mythic space. We see them as creators, goddess-like beings who nourish and mend. Over time, we have to learn how to see them as real people with their own histories, challenges, and needs. This event will be an afternoon spent in celebration of our mothers! Bring your mom out to the Gallery, and treat yourselves to High Tea beverages and snacks, and performances of spoken word poetry and live music. Be part of a space of gratitude and conversation,
honouring motherhood, and all the things mothers have sacrificed and taught us.

FEATURING: Brandon Wint and more tba…


For the last five years, young people in and around LTABC have used the tools of Spoken Word, Hip Hop poetry, and Personal Narrative to transverse the city in new ways, collectively, we have worked to bring communities together, opposing the line and those who wish to keep us apart. We are each others sanctuary. Here is a space for ALL STORIES and ALL PEOPLES, we are borderless, we are each other’s Nations, welcome to HYP and Louder Than A Bomb Canada.

This year our theme for LTABC is DO THE WRITE THING. The seminal Spike Lee film Do the right thing discusses issues of racism, inequality, gentrification, and community dynamics in challenging and important ways. We hope that LTABC and HYP can be a space for young people to explore these issues and more importantly through compelling writing and performances. We believe that creating platforms for Art and Conversations is key to navigating a changing world with a sense of empathy and justice



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