Emcee Olympics

By Emily UpperĀ 

If you weren't at Emcee Olympics, then you really missed out. Sorry, but that's the plain truth! The AGH Design Annex was lit last night with five of Hamilton's hottest young emcees -- Tamara, AK, FRIXTION, Shark Jones and Shanice -- spitting rhymes to impress our judges. This year's celebrity panel was made up of seasoned hip hop artists Leon Robinson (AKA Eklipz) and Elley Jeeze, as well as slam champ poet Victoria Wojciechowska. The night was hosted by the emcee's coach, the wonderful Lex Leosis, who even treated the audience to an all-too-brief performance.
Of course, the night really belonged to the emcees. Over four gruelling rounds, they really shone and proved they know what's up and more. Round One saw them performing original verses, acapella style (no musical accompaniment). Round Two put their freestyling skills to the test as they spit rhymes off the top of their heads to some surprise beats. For Round Three, our emcees were given 15 minutes to prepare pieces based off of audience suggestions: cats, monotony, and old childhood cartoon shows. This round had the BEST references:

"Harkening back to the 80s like I'm Felix the Cat"
"I'm a sweet little Tweedy Bird, all these Sylvester boys trying to get some"
"Shhh be very very quiet, I'm hunting rappers"

The fourth and final round really showcased what our emcees have been working towards with Lex: an original hip-hop track. All our emcees killed it, but only one could win Emcee Olympic Gold... and the highest score belonged to AK, whose confidence and skill blew everyone away all night!

"I'm so fly I go to sleep in Hamilton, wake up in Abu Dabi"

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