Eddie Lartey is dedicated and equally in love with poetic performance, community building, and bringing spoken word into young minds, where it grows the best. Eddie graduated from McMaster in 2015 from Labour Studies. He is the 2013 and 2015 Grand Slam Champion of Hamilton Youth Poets, has presented work across the province and has represented the city of Hamilton at YouthCanSlam, The Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, and Young Chicago Authors International Grudge Match. As a graduate of McMasters Labour Studies and the Hamilton Youth Poets mentorship program, Lartey has assumed a leadership role within Hamilton for the past three years. Lartey has facilitated workshops within schools, mental health facilities, seniors centers, and with members of the community. This year Eddie won the John Holland Award for Community Service and Emerging Community Arts and Education Award from the city of Hamilton. He remains dedicated to the idea that poets should always be seeking to grow the next generation, making their own voices part of a rising symphonic crescendo of true community.




AK is a Nigerian born poet/rapper living in Vaughan, Ontario. When he isn’t studying Economics at McMaster University, he’s dedicating his time to creating music and improving his writing as a whole. As a member of the HYP Youth team, AK was able to compete in the Voices of Today festival during the summer of 2017 where HYP was able to take home the first place trophy. He prides himself on using his command of the English language to spread messages supporting individuality and chasing your dreams through both his poetry and his music.



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Aseja Dava is an artist devoted to the practice of poetry and storytelling. Her first exposure to competitive slam poetry occurred during Louder than a Bomb Canada 2016, where she competed with her high school team, the Westmount Paperweights, and placed third at Finals. Aseja graduated from Westmount Secondary in 2016. This year, she is part of the Hamilton Youth Poets mentorship program, and will be competing in her first national competition in October, at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. She is currently attending McMaster University, working towards a degree in the Earth and Environmental Sciences.



Poet, politico, Philanthropist, Common sense enthusiast. Chukky is local in Hamilton and Lagos. He writes about the truths we are too brave to confront. He is a resident poet with the Hamilton Youth Poets, a play write, and essayist, he will be performing from his collection. "Its really nice to meet you"



Tanya Pineda aka Tee is born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. Tee started off as a highschool slam poet competing at Louder Than a Bomb Canada Festival over 2 years. Through the festival she came to know the Hamilton Youth Poets and eventually ended up on their youth team. She is now training to become a teaching artist and continues to develop her writing.